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THRASHER provides complete engineered solutions for your performance needs, specializing in late model fuel injection engines. With 40+ years combined professional engineering experience with automotive OEMs, complete lab and shop facilities, plus SAE and ASE Master Auto Tech certifications, we get results!

It's true we don't have the largest selection of parts and everything else under the sun for your car, and we make no excuses. 

We won't market worthless or questionable products just because we know it'll make us a buck. 

We only carry what you need, products engineered to be effective, manufactured to exacting standards, and proven to be durable.  THRASHER set the industry standard, showing the rest of the world that these cars deserved true Muscle Car status long before others decided to jump on the bandwagon. 

We may not always be first to market with our products, BEFORE we release any product it is fully engineered and tested to our rigorous durability standards. 

We often have prototypes on beta test vehicles years before they're ready for saleallowing others to jump in and bring it out first . . .
because THRASHER refuses to use our customers unknowingly as our testers. 

As they say, "imitation is the sincerest form of flattery".  Here at THRASHER we're often copied, but never equaled.

THRASHER IS where this all began. We are the originators in the 3800 FWD field, pioneering the way since the inception of these cars in 1997, and before that we revolutionized the industry for the "Father" of this 3800 engine - the legendary Turbo Intercooled 3.8L Buick Grand National!  Our engineers understand this engine and these cars better than anyone else - having worked worked in the OEM Automotive Industry and on this engine longer than some competitors have been driving cars. 

We understand very well the compromises between performance and durability, the fine line between driving a car hard for years & blowing an engine every season.

We promise no inflated claims, just accurate, verifiable facts with the data to back it up.
THRASHER has the experience, knowledge, facilities and professional credentials ... enough said.
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Use of any Thrasher Engineered Performance product WILL VOID all Original Equipment Manufacturer's powertrain warranties. For more information about our policy concerning Original Equipment Manufacturer warranties please read Our Warranty Policy.  Thrasher Engineered Performance products are for off-road use only and not legal for use on public highways and roads. Thrasher Engineered Performance assumes no responsibility or liability for damage or injuries which may result from the use or installation of it's products, whether or not properly installed or used. Thrasher Engineered Performance products are sold without any express warranty or any implied warranty of merchantability and/or fitness for intended purpose. Thrasher Engineered Performance is not sponsored or affiliated in any way with any companies mentioned on this site. We must apply a 20% restocking to cover Thrasher products and we would use discetion on other suppliers' products which may have different restocking fees.

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