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Walbro Fuel Pump
Series II 3800

This Walbro fuel pump flows 255 liters per hour @ 80psi. In testing, this pump has supported as much as 750 horsepower!  This fuel pump is a must have for L67 powered vehicles in order to ensure that you are getting the correct amount of fuel to the rail in order to eliminate KR and lean fuel trim conditions.

Our Kit Includes:

  • Walbro 255lph fuel pump Walbro wiring harness and solderless connectors Clamps for fuel hose
  • Pump sock

    NOTE: 2002 and newer vehicles require the use of a special shim. Call or email us for details.

Direct from THRASHER

Price: $124.95


Adjustable Fuel Pressure Regulator
Series II 3800
Increasing fuel pressure provides greater fuel flow at wide-open-throttle. Our adjustable regulator will fit on both normally-aspirated and Supercharged Series II engines. Plug-and-play operation, this regulator enables you to set your base fuel pressure. Requires external gage attached to the fuel access port to facilitate adjustment.
Direct from THRASHER

Price: $138.95

Adjustable Fuel Pressure Regulator KIT
Series II 3800

Adjusting your base fuel pressure upward provides more fuel volume flow at wide-open-throttle - when it is needed most. This KIt is for all 3800 Series II engines, 1997-2002. This will work on both N/A and Supercharged cars. The kit includes a brass tee to provide access to the fuel rail, a gage mounted on a braided stainless steel 3' hose assembly, and the adjustable regulator. Plug-and-Play operation, this regulator allows you to adjust your base fuel pressure and monitor the pressure with the gage.
Direct from THRASHER Price: $158.95  

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