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This is it! The ultimate mod for your 97 & newer GM 3800 supercharged car - an air to liquid intercooler! Thermocouple testing has shown it to reduce charged air temps up to 130 degrees F (from 270 down to 140)! This results in a dyno tested 40HP, with considerably less possibility for engine-destructing detonation, thereby allowing even more boost!

The THRASHER Intercooler setup for the Eaton M90, Supercharged 3800 Series II comes complete with pump, radiator, ignition coil spacer, bolts and gaskets.

THRASHER Intercooler
Direct from THRASHER___$2422.14 complete + S&H

Minus Pump___$2175.39 + S&H

We cut no corners here!
THRASHER Rails are CNC machined from a 6061 T-6 aircraft grade, ultra light / high quality block of solid aluminum. Then our rails are anodized for 100% all-weather protection! Our Complete, “ready to install” kit includes EARL's Pro-liteTM 350 hose constructed of tough, abrasion resistant Nylon sheathing and bonded to the inner braid.To finish out your set-up, we’ve included EARL's Swivel SealTM and Auto CrimpTM aluminum hose ends and fittings, all pre-cut and assembled.


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Stainless steel hardware included. Illustrated installation Guide!
Increased hood clearance with intercoolers!
Direct from THRASHER ..... $549
For 97 thru 03 GM 3800 SC engines.

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